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  • morocco travelMoroccan food:
    • Breakfast: Most smaller hotels serve a standard breakfast consisting of bread, cheesy butter, cheese, marmelade and coffee or mint tea for about 15 dirham. With an additional omelette (or if you are lucky a "berber omelette" with tomatoes served in a tajine pot) costs 25 dirham. It's amazing how breakfast can be so much exactly the same over the whole of Morocco.
    • Traditional Moroccan dishes: Tajine and Couscous: After a trip to Morocco you will be a real specialist in the national dishes tajine and couscous, as you will have eaten them twice a day for the duration of your tour. You will soon get repelled by the quick microwave tajines that are served in lunch restaurants in Rabat, Casablanca, Fez and Marrakesh. But you will also get enraved by the delicious tajine the Kasbah of Imlil serves, with caramelized figs, roasted wallnuts and sesame seeds.
    • Traditional lunch or dinner menu: Just like breakfast, lunch and dinner menus are very much the same all over the country. For in between 35, 50, 70, 90 or 300 dirham you will get a starter of Moroccan tomato, onion and cucumber salad (or Harira lentil soup if you are lucky). The main course is tajine or couscous, of which the quality in most cases corresponds with the price you pay. Sometimes you can also get a skewer with french fries. And finally there is a dessert which is almost always melon or a sliced orange.
  • Internet connection: There are internet cafes even in smaller places like Moulay Idriss and Imlil. Most places have high speed DSL internet connection. The price for an hour of surfing is between 5 and 10 dirham.
  • Alcohol: Most muslims don't drink and may even not touch anything related with alcohol, so you will find allmost no shops, restaurants or hotels (except for the luxury ones) serving alcohol. You will find though a large selection of wine, beer and other spirits in the enormous supermarket Marjane in the outskirts of Rabat, Casablanca, Fes and Marrakech. They also sell premaid icecubes, which combine very well with a small bottle of Pastis and olives.