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Travel to El Jadida

  • morocco travelThe Portugese walled town of El Jadida: There are a few souvenir shops and a very relaxed athmosphere in the Portugese old town of El Jadida. There are stairs leading via a big wooden door to a promenade on top of the wall with great views over the harbour and the old medina. This way you can walk all around the medina checking out domestic life in the near by houses while being refreched by the Atlantic breeze.
  • Portugese cisterns of El Jadida: admission costs 10 dirham, there is always a bit of water which gives wonderfull reflections of the columns, especially around noon when the sun shines at its strongest through the hole in the ceiling.
  • Azemmour: Quite a nice town with a walled medina. You will get the best views of the walled old town from the bridge over the river. For photographs you better come in the morning, as in the evening you will be shooting against the sun. When the water is low, you can picknick on the sandy border of the river. The beach is about 10 kilometers away.