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The kasbah (KSAR) of TELOUET

  • morocco travelGetting to Telouet by car : There is a turnoff from the main road Marrakesh - Ouarzazate, from where it is about 20 kilometres to Telouet. The turnoff is well signposted, but the road itself is a bit harder to find. This last bit of road is small and has a few potholes, so without 4WD it takes about an hour to get there.
  • Accommodation and hotels in Telouet : after the tiny road, Telouet is surprisingly big (it has about 15.000 inhabitants) and there are several hotels, allthough most tourbuses and 4WD jeeps of tour companies are not staying overnight.
    • Hotel Auberge Telouet : The new part has some very nice rooms with walls consisting of huge stones. A double room with toilet and shower costs 150 Dirham and 300 dirham including breakfast and dinner. It is a bit annoying that the owner Ahmed supposes that tourists need a guide and thus orders a boy to stay the whole time with you (even during dinner and breakfast). It is meant as a service, but we found it rather disturbing and told finally the boy that we prefered to visit the kasbah on our own. If you don't want this guide, you should tell it him as soon as possible instead of getting annoyed like we did.
  • The Glaoui Kasbah of Telouet: There is a guard who has the key to the entrance and will take you inside and give some historical explanations for a fee of 10 - 20 dirhams. The most recent part of the Kasbah has some very nicely decorated rooms, the oldest part is completely in ruins.