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  • morocco travelSalé is the twin city of Rabat but at some point in the development this sibling somehow seems to have gotten stuck, while Rabat on the other hand went on to become the capital of Morocco, Salé is a traditional, old fashioned town.
  • Getting to Salé from Rabat: The two cities are divided by a bay that can be crossed either by boat or by car or foot over a bridge.
    • by foot: The distance between Rabat and Salé is not long but the bridge is rather heavily trafficked which makes walking, at leat at peak hours, rather an unpleasant overdosis of fumes.
    • by taxi: Petit taxi's don't go between the cities, each city has it's own color for the petit taxies (Rabat petit taxis are blue, the ones of Sale are beige) and the drivers are not interested in breaking the rules. The grand taxies do cross the bridge but don't forget to negotiate about the price first since they don't use the meter (and you always have to bargain over the price).
    • by boat: The nicest and also cheapert alternative are the little rowing boats leaving at the Rabat side from the beach next to the medina. The trip costs 1,5 dirham per person and takes about 10 minutes, including nice views over the river and Kasbah. Once on the Salé side of the river, you will find about 20 snack tents which prepare fresh fish dishes. To get to the walls of Salé, just walk about 10 minutes along the Ave de la plage.
  • Salé medina: the medina of Sale is a lot nicer than the rather boring one of Rabat (except for the Kasbah part). There are very nice corners and alleys with yellow-white houses.