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Travel to Dakhla

  • morocco travelAccommodation and hotels in Dakhla : there are a lot of cheap guesthouses in Dakhla, all charge 60 dirham per room allthough there is quite some difference in quality and size. Hotel Al Ahram is one of the better.
  • Changing money : you can get Mauritanian money at some clothes shops next to hotel Sahara at bad rates 1 euro = 250 ougiya (in Mauritania the rate was 290)
  • Transport from Dakhla to Mauritania
    As the border between Morocco and Mauritania closes at 6pm and also because it gets dark soon after that (which is makes finding the way in the horrible stretch right after the border even more difficult), all transport leaves before noon (most around 9am). There are no buses so if you don't have your own car, you need a bit of time and try the different options to get a ride. There is not so much to do in Dakhla. Update summer 2005 : the road between the border and Nouadhibou is now for 90% tarmac or graded piste and it is expected that the new road will be finished by the end of 2005. This could change the transportation situation completely as from then on coach buses might start traveling between Morocco and Mauritania.
    • Travel with hotel Sahara : sometimes jeep drivers wait in front of Hotel Sahara for passengers, they charge 500 Dh per person, but if you bargain a bit you could get it down to 400 Dh (as we did). There is a rasta guy which speaks French and English and helps with the negociations whith the drivers and which asks an unexpected 50 Dh commission in the end.
    • Travel with vegetable sellers : a bit more uncomfortable are theses vans where you probably can find a place for around 300 Dh (sometimes 200 Dh), allthough their first price will also be 500 Dh. You find some in the main street, but most of them seem to gather at the checkpoint on the outskirts of town in the morning, waiting there for passengers.
    • Travel with tourists : during the winter season (nov - march) up to 10 tourist jeeps of overlanders pass by with a chance for you of occupying their free seats. You can find them in the main street (of Hotel Sahara) or at camping Moussafir. When we were there (mid june), the campsite was empty and there were no tourist jeeps in town.
    • Travel with Mercedes sellers : we met (at the Mauritanian consulate in Casablanca and in Senegal) a few French former truck drivers which were driving over 25 year old mercedesses via Banc d'Arquin from France to Senegal. They mostly have some places free. We only were convinced that it was possible when we met the driver again with his old wreck in Casamance in Senegal.