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General information

  • morocco travelPetit taxi : the small Fiat city taxi's are very cheap and if you travel in couple they are often cheaper than taking a bus, above that all have a meter and are willing to use it. They respect strictly the maximum allowed 3 passengers, including baby's. So if you are 3 adults and a baby, you will have to take a grand taxi.
  • Grand taxi : these old Mercedes taxis are available as well in the city as on intercity routes. Inside a city you will only use them if you are a group of more than 3 (including baby's) and thus not allowed to take the petit taxi. For grand taxi's there seems to be no limit on the amount of passengers, and you will often see huge families boarding, each person having a child on the lap. Grand taxi's are also available on intercity routes but it is recommended to use them only as a second choise, as Morocco has an excellent train and bus network. Trains and buses are a lot more confortable and certainly safer than the grand taxis. Grand taxis are rather for people interested in covering a trip in 4 hours instead of 5 hours (by bus) and willing to risk their lifes for that. Of course if you have missed a bus or traveling to more remote places, ther will always be a grand taxi waiting, ready to leave as soon as its full.
  • Moroccan trains are very comfortable and have airco and quite clean toilets and are therefore recommended above buses. Especially if you are visiting the capital and imperial cities of Morocco (Marrakesh, Fes, Meknes, Casablanca and Rabat), the train is the way you should travel. On the route Marrakesh - Fes, via Casablanca, Rabat and Meknes there is a train every two hours in both directions. A ticket for the train ride Marrakesh - Rabat costs 101 Dirham in second class, from Rabat to Fes it is 72 dirham in second class. First class costs half more. Both classes have airconditioning (works only when the train is moving). In first class there are 6 seats in a coupe, in second class 8. There is not so much difference in luxury. The main difference is actually that you are sure of a seat in first class, as there is a seat number on your ticket; on busy days and hours there is a big chance you will have to stand a long part of your trip in the hall when choosing second class. All times and fares of the Moroccan railways are available online on