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Travel to Laayoune

  • morocco travel Changing money - ATM: there are at least 2 Cirrus/VISA ATMs in the centre of Laayoune
  • Internet cafes: there are a few internet places in town (one on the square of hotel Nagjir)
  • Travel by public transport bus from Laayoune to to Dakhla:
    • CTM buses: the daily buses at 630am, 8am come from Marrakesh, they mostly arrive several hours late and it is not possible to make reservations in advance; only when the bus arrives they know if here is some place free, 141 Dh
    • Supratours : same situation as with CTM, expecte departure from 730 am; arrival 1530, tickets cost 141 dirham.
    • Satas Tours: departure at 8pm, arrival 5am; 140 Dh, this bus leaves in time, but was full when we wanted to make a reservation. Moroccans prefer to travel at night because of the heat
    • STA Tours: opposite Hotel Nagjir, this should be a cheaper bus company, but our host family did not allow us to book there as their buses were considered as "dangerous".