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From Spain to Morocco

morocco travel ferry boat spain morocco, malaga to melillaWe took one of the many cheap flights to Malaga (about 70 euro one way Stockholm-Malaga with

Travel to Malaga

  • Accommodation and budget hotels : a lot of the little pensions were allready full the beginning of june, so you should make a reservation in high saison, hostal Cordoba (34 euro/double, 18 euro/single, quite basic for this price but the cheapest place we could find, the room with little balcony is a lot better than the others which are very dark and have no windows.
  • Ferry Spain - Morocco : has ferries from Malaga to Ceuta and Melilla (for Tanger you have to go to Algeciras); we took the cheapest (27 euro) tickets to Melilla, departure 13h, arrival 20h.

Travel to Melilla

  • Accommodation and budget hotels : El Puerto should be the cheapest hotel in town, 20 euro per double room (16 after bargaining because of low saison), the neigbourhood does not seems so safe in the evening, but there are a few cafes in spanish style very nearby for breakfast and diner.
  • Border Spain - Morocco
    • Change money : we could not find any official exchange offices in Melilla, but there are street changers around which should give you 11 Dh per euro (the rate in the Moroccan banks was 10.6 Dh per euro). At the border there is an exchange office which accepts a whole range of currencies at bad rates (10.06 Dh per euro). At the streetstalls on the Moroccan side of the border you can change euro coins at 10 Dh per euro.
    • Stamp : you have to get first a Spanish exit stamp before the Maroccan guards want to give you your entry stamp. It took us 15 minutes to get through.
    • Border transport : There is a city bus in Melilla which takes you for 1 euro and in 15 minutes to the border, on the Moroccan side of the border taxi's cost 30 Dh (for the whole taxi, they also accept 3 euro) for the 15 minutes ride to Nador, you can share the taxi with other people.

Travel to Nador

  • Accommodation and budget hotels : we saw at least 5 small hotels where it certainly will be cheaper to stay (expect 30 Dh per bed) than in Melilla.
  • Transport Nador - Fez : opposite the busstation there are shared taxis for 100 Dh pp, 4 hours driving; there are also several buses a day, including the luxurious CTM. The cheap buses chare 60 Dh pp, we took the bus from 14h, arrival 20H10 in Fez.