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Travel to Rabat

morocco travel Rabat is the political capital of Morocco. This is also the city where the Moroccan king Mohammed VI.

  • Restaurants in Rabat: the new town, Ville novelle, is quite expensive although if you are after some more luxurious food this is the place. In the medina there are many small restaurants as well as in the outside wall along the medina. If you follow the main street past the mosque you arrive at a part where many small stall holders offer Moroccan fast food such as bread with grilled fish, egg or chips (10-15 dirham) doughnuts (0,50-1 dirham), fresh orange juice (3 dirham), etc.
  • Cafés in Rabat: In ville novelle you find cafés cerving coffe or tea on almost every street corner. There are also many more smart airconditioned indoor coffe shops filled with trendy young Rabatians. The cosiest place in the whole town is café ?? situated next to the Andalusian gardens in the Kasbah. They serve tea, coffie, soft drinks (7 dirham) and delicious cockies