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This page gives information and links on how to obtain visa, invitations, letters of support, letter of invitation for visa for Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. The links to Governments and Online Visa Services give you the opportunity to make a comparison between travel agencies and their prices for visa support.

Armenia Visa

Armenian embassies in the world

List of Armenian Embassies in the world

Application of Visa to Armenia: what do you need

  • Who needs an Armenian visa : list of countries whose inhabitants don't need a visa for Armenia
  • the usual stuff : 1 nice picture of yourself, passport valid at least 6 more months
  • Armenian Visa Application forms : e-Visa Apply and receive your Armenian Visa online or go to the embassy and fill in the Visa Application Form
  • Maximum duration of stay in Armenia : 3 weeks on an Armenian Tourist visa
  • Price of Armenian visum : You can get a 3 week visa upon arrival for $30, for other prices see below.
  • Armenia Tourist visa : 3-week Armenian tourist visas are also issued at Armenian embassies for about $50, or online at the website of the Armenian Foreign Ministry if you want it ahead of time.
  • Armenia Business visa : up to 90 days, you need an invitation for Official and business visas, single or multi-entry. The official invitation has to come from a qualifying entity in Armenia, processed through the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Armenia.
  • Armenia Transit visa : 3-day Armenian Transit Visa costs $20, a valid entry document of the country of your main destination is necessary
  • Armenian Visa fees (allthough these prices vary from embassy to embassy)
    • $18 for a single transit visa (3 days). Processing time: 7 business days.
    • $36 for a double transit visa (3 days). Processing time: 7 business days.
    • $60 for a tourist visa (21 days). Processing time: 7 business days.
    • $60 for ordinary visa (21 days). Processing time: 7 business days.
    • $35 for a single visa with an official invitation (up to 90 days). Processing time 7 business days.
    • $65 for a multiple visa with an official invitation (up to 90 days). Processing time 7 business days.
    • Rush service - 3 working days ($86), 24 hours ($95)
  • Armenia Airport Tax : Passengers are required to pay a fee equal to $20 when leaving the Republic of Armenia via the Zvartnots Airport.

Armenia Visa : Letter of invitation - Visa support

  • No letter of invitation is necessary for the Single Entry 21 day Armenia Tourist Visum.
  • If you would like to stay up to 90 days, you need a verified invitation. Please make sure that your inviting party has verified the invitation (for business travelers (Business visa), invitation letters should be verified at the Consular Department of the Armenian Foreign Ministry; for private travelers (Ordinary visa) - at the Passport and Visa Department of the Police Service in Yerevan). Confirmations for business travelers can be received by the Embassy or Consulate General via the internet. The confirmation for private travelers must be submitted to the Embassy in the original.
  • Exceeding 90 days, please apply to the Passport and Visa Department at the Police Service of Armenia for a one year Temporary Residence Card.
  • The following Travel and Visa agencies can arrange Invitations for Armenia Visas : Most Visa Support Offices seem to offer a Letter of Invitation for a one month visa, for about 90 - 120 $, which is quite expensive for the extra week you get on the 21 days visum which does not requires a letter of invitation.

Registration of an Armenian Visa
No registration is necessary for the Single Entry 21 day Armenia Tourist Visum.

Armenia Visa Extension

  • A 3 week Armenian Tourist Visa may be extended once for 2 weeks at OVIR. You can find OVIR, the Registration Office, on Mashdots in Yerevan.  Longer extensions of Armenia Visas are more difficult to get, and are easier for ethnic Armenians.
  • Armenian Tourist, Business and Ordinary visas can be extende in Yerevan at the Passport and Visa Department of the Police Service of Armenia : 13 A Mashtots Street, behind the OLD Aeroflot building, Yerevan, Armenia; Tel. (3741) 53-43-91 or (3741) 52-14-16.
  • Diplomatic and Official visas are extended at the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia (Address - Republic Square, Government Building 2, Yerevan, Armenia; Tel.: (374-1) 526-950)
  • You could also go for the option of overstaying your Armenian visa and paying a fine of 20$ + 3$/day when you leave. But check in advance with the embassy if these fines have not changed.

Foreign Missions, Embassies and Consulates in Armenia (Yerevan)

Foreign Missions, Embassies and Consulates in Armenia

If you have more questions


  • There is a little chance you still have to fill in an old fashioned Customs declaration form at the border, you fill in the amount of money and jewels you have with you and the name of your camera, let them date-stamp the thing and keep it safe until you leave. See the website of the Armenia Customs for more information.

Overland from Iran to Armenia

- Tabriz - Jolfa (on the border with Naxichivan) : 2 minibusses and 2 shared taxis, it would have been easier to take the train which apparently leaves some days at 10am from Tabriz.
- Jolfa : there is a nice ITTO hotel for 15$ a night a little bit out of town. I slept in a mosaferkhune, which you enter by a kebab restaurant on Ashura square right in the centre of town for 20.000 Rial for a quite clean double. (1$ = 8000 Rial)
- Jolfa - Norduz (border with Armenia) : there is few transport and I could not find any busses, for the taxi I paid after bargaining 40.000 Rial, for the 40 minutes very scenic drive.
- Norduz border Iran-Armenia : You can change your Rials to Dram in a shop just before you enter the border building at quite a good rate (14000 Rial for 1000 Dram; the official price for the Dram in Armenia is everywhere about 1$ = 575 Dram)
- Iranian border : Iranian border was very easy, no luggage check, I only had to wait an hour for the "presidential pasport" to finish his lunch.
- Armenian border : the poor but friendly Russian soldiers begged me for some sigarettes or a pencil which I gave them considering their situation. The army commander could speak English and helped me with the application
for my visa. He easily agreed to give me a 21 day tourist visa for the same 30$ as the transit visa costs. In the Armenian embassy in Tehran it takes 14 days and 50$ (or 7 days and 80$) to get exactly the same visa ! It had to wait 1.5 hours for the visa to be ready; I doubt if the Tehran-Yerevan bus (35$, everyday at 2pm) is prepared that long. Some customs guy asked me 2$, I don`t know if this official. The Armenians did not check my luggage.
- Border - Mehri : taxi 7$ or 3000 Dram, 15 minutes. The driver asked 130$ to Yerevan. In Mehri there is a run down Soviet hotel for 2000 Dram a night. If you need more luxury it is better to go to Kapan, where there is a very
nice hotel Darist which charges 15.000 Dram for unexpected luxory. From Mehri there leaves a minibus right from the hotel at 7.30am to Yerevan for 3500 Dram; you can also try to hitch on the 3 Iranian buses which pass by the big road in the morning if you are late.