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Contact information, pricing and orders
You can find the request and order form at the bottom of this page or email us at .

Format and Quality

The pictures on the site are in a resized format, jpg 6 and have a watermark to protect them. Of course the hi-res originals which are on sale are of much higher quality jpg 12/12 and 300 dpi, full size and have no watermark.

All ordered pictures will be delivered in high resolution format for use in magazines, newspapers, presentations and websites.

Image Code*
Approx. Pixel Dimensions**
Approx. minimum Print Dimensions
at high quality 300 dpi **
S and X
3400 x 2300
29 x 19 cm or 11.5 " x 7.5 "
1920 x 1440
16 x 12 cm or 6" x 4"
2272 x 1704
19 x 14 cm or 7" x 5"
Morocco and Belgium images
3456 x 2304
29 x 19 cm or 11.5" x 7.5"

*Image codes are visible in the Index page of every country.
** Some images have higher pixel and print dimensions than these. If you want to publish the images in a larger format, please email us with the exact codes of the images you are interested in and we will let you know what their maximum size is.


Price per high resolution photo (digital file in .jpg or .tiff) of the above specifications is starting at 25 euro depending on the use (please send us the image codes for a quote).
Please contact us for the price and license for publication in books worldwide and all languages.
If you order more than 10 photos, you can get a reduction on the total price, please feel free to contact us at .


Ordering procedure

Once an agreement has been made, you will be able to download the full size pictures in high resolution from this website within one hour. Please note that we are working during Western European office hours.

The picture(s) can also be send to you on CD (for an extra 15 euro or 20 US$ for handling and worldwide postage).
Images can also be put on an FTP site of your your specifications.


Methods of Payment

Payment can be done in the following ways :



Please note that the use of the images is restricted by a licence agreement. Please email us at for all specific requests for exceptions on the licence or fill in the form below. All requests are normally answered within 12 hours.



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Contact and Orders

You can contact and order us by mail, phone or post; or fill in the form below. I you would like to order without using the request form, please provide us the picture codes, your full address details, the use of the image and the method of payment.

Hans Rossel

9000 Gent
Mob. +32472793216
(Please do NOT use this phone number for inquiries about visa from Africa to Russia, I am NO travel agency and have no more information than on display on this website.)

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